Your Guide to Gluten Free Eating in the Rosemont Area

Don't want to cook, but need a gluten free menu? Patch has the guide to top restaurants in your town and a list of apps that will help you find them.

With another heat wave headed our way this weekend, the last thing most want to do is turn the oven on for dinner. Eating out can pose a huge challenge for families looking for specialty diet menus, especially gluten-free options. 

Recent studies show 1 in 133 people Americans suffer from celiac disease, and another 18-million are gluten sensitive. Gluten is protein found in all wheat, rye, and barley.

Although restaurants are making great strides in catering to the needs of consumers, it can often still be a challenge to find an eatery offering quality gluten-free cuisine.

Luckily, there are many avenues in tracking down local gluten-free, vegan and even Paleo favorites.

Mobile Apps for your iPhone or Android

Locate Special Diet 

Find Me Gluten Free




Here are the top East Sacramento/Rosemont area restaurants offering gluten-free menus according to Yelp.

Selland's Market Cafe

Anna's Vegan Cafe

Ninja Sushi



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