Jo Ann Cabral Wilson
Born January 4, 1942, Mercy General Hospital, 39th & J Street, Sacramento, I came home to a 40 acre ranch my parents purchased in 1927, in what is now known as the Rosemont area.  Attended local schools, worked 30+ years for the County of Sacramento before retiring in 1998.  I have a daughter Dara, son Ron, and four grandchildren.  I am presently the Historian for the Rosemont Community Association; on the Board for the Rancho Cordova Historical Society, I am the chairperson in charge of the Oral History Interviews; and I am the organizer for the Edward Kelley School Alumni gatherings.  I have been very active in the past doing volunteer work, i.e. Sacramento Area Firefigher's Burn Center Committee.I have a passion for perserving the history of the Rosemont, Rancho Cordova and surrounding communities.  By doing oral history interviews, colleting old photo's, and artifacts my passion is being fulfilled.  I believe that the stories of the people are the most important part of perserving our history.
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