Video: Mr. Raymond Goes to Sacramento

The Sacramento City Unified School District's superintendent testified before the California senate last week.

The school district that includes Rosemont made some tough budget decisions earlier this month, cutting $28 million from next year's budget.

Last week, Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent Jonathan Raymond went to the source of the district's funding to ask for help.

"Whatever the work is being done now, it's not being done in time to really help us this year," Raymond told the state Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee on Feb. 16. That's the thing with school districts–we just can't wait–we have to make it work."

Raymond said in his home state of Massachusetts, the government provides more than double the per-student funding that California does. And much of the funding in California doesn't come until after the district's budget has been finalized.

See the video above to hear what Raymond told senators.


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