Photos: Essence of Rosemont Draws Students, Families

The annual celebration was held at Rosemont High School Friday.

Students from all around the Rosemont area danced, sang, played games and ate at Rosemont High School during the annual event Friday. Nearly every school in Rosemont High School's attendance area performed for a crowd of hundreds.

"Rosemont's attendance area is a community we can all be proud of," Principal Leise Martinez said.

Student Andrew Maalouf thanked Martinez and others for helping to plan the event.

"The administration has worked countless hours this week, the past week and in past months to get this done," he said.

Above is a photo gallery from the event. Click "Upload Photos and Videos" to add your own, or see more on our Facebook page, http://facebook.com/RosemontPatch.

Andrew Maalouf April 15, 2012 at 10:05 PM
Essence of Rosemont is just one of those events, that wouldnt have been the same without everyone who showed up. And thank you to everyone who showed up, and thank you to all of those who had booths, and all participants. On the behalf of the Essence of Rosemont Committee thank you all once again! Hope everyone had a great time! Andrew Maalouf.


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