Need a Tdap Booster or Meningitis Vaccine? Get One Thursday

A free vaccination clinic will be held at Rosemont High School Thursday.

Rosemont parents whose kids are in need of a Tdap booster or meningococcal vaccine are in luck: The Sacramento City Unified School District will offer a free vaccine clinic Thursday at .

The clinic will be held from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the school's little theater.

District spokesman Gabe Ross said the fact that the meningococcal vaccine is being offered is unrelated to the .

"In fact, that case was so rare it would not have been preventable with this vaccine," Ross said in an email. "The availability of this immunization is simply preventative and is being offered district-wide."

The following is the script from an automated call that went out to Rosemont parents, Ross said:

“Good evening families. This is the Sacramento City Unified School District calling to invite you to the second in our series of free immunization clinics this Thursday from 1 to 5 p.m. in the Rosemont High School little theater. At this clinic, we will be providing the state-required Tdap booster for whooping cough and the vaccine for meningococcal disease, which protects against a rare but serious strain of meningitis. The Tdap booster is available for all students who need to comply with the law. The meningitis vaccine will be available to students that meet certain qualifications. Permission forms that allow students to be inoculated without parents being present are available at your school. For more information, visit www.scusd.edu or call (916) 643-7419. Thank you.”


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