UPDATE: Los Altos School District Results 2012

Steve Taglio, Pablo Luther were elected. Amanda Burke-Aaronson trailed by nearly 10 points. Check back here for final election results.


Steve Taglio and Pablo Luther won a three-way race for the Los Altos School Board early Wednesday morning, besting candidate Amanda Burke-Aaronson.

Taglio, an appointed incumbent, was chosen by the LASD board to fill out the last year of the term of departing Trustee Margot Harrigan at the end of 2011. The Los Altos resident and a LASD parent said some of the feedback he heard during the campaign were in corporated planning a large community meeting just Monday night.

Pablo Luther, a Los Altos resident who has been chair of the CACF and a parent of students who have graduated from LASD schools, told Patch he learned how truly passionate Los Altans are about education.

Burke-Aaronson, a Mountain View resident whose children attend Bullis Charter School, which falls in the district boundaries, was a distant third.

Results in are in the chart below. 


The race started with four candidates vying for two seats.  

The fourth candidate, Vladimir Ivanovic, a Los Altos Hills parent who serves on the district’s Citizens Advisory Committee for Finance (CACF), withdrew Oct. 16 and the field narrowed to three.

Los Altos Patch has provided mini-profiles on each candidate, which you can see by clicking on the name of each candidate. In addition, we have provided links to related stories. Ivanovic’s profile is not included because of his withdrawal from the race.

The Los Altos-Mountain View chapter of the League of Women Voters has additional information on its Smart Voter site, some of which we’ve provided here:

Amanda Burke-Aaronson


  • Occupation: RN/University Professor
  • Master of Science, Nursing
  • Attendance Area Advisory Committee, 2007


  • Community - striving to bring the entire community together for the good of our children.
  • Communication - soliciting feedback from the community by such methods as constituent surveys, round table discussions, and "open mic" nights
  • Innovation - using innovative ways to keep LASD's top programs in the face of the current financial challenges that face

Pablo Luther


Occupation: Finance Executive

Serves on Citizens Advisory Committee for Finance 7 years

Three children who attended private school, Oak, Loyola and Blach LASD schools, now graduated


Unite parents, older adults and students


Steve Taglio


  • Occupation: Appointed Incumbent
  • Vice President, Education Software Co.
  • Strategy/Planning/Operations experience
  • Former President Covington PTA (2 years)
  • Golden Oak PTA School Service Award
  • Site Council and Technology Chair
  • Parent of 2 children in Los Altos public schools


  • Education delivery innovation
  • District growth strategy
  • Long-term financial stability



000 of 000 Precincts Reporting (100%) Votes Percentage Los Altos School Board

Steve Taglio 7,400
Pablo Luther 6,580
33% Vladimir Ivanovic (withdrew 10/16) 000,000 6,3% Amanda Burke-Aaronson
23% *indicates incumbent
LASD Parent November 09, 2012 at 12:52 AM
Wow - while attempting to defend your record you lie again when you say you only brought up the smear campaign because you read about it in the Daily Post. In fact, you brought it up on October 4, 7 days before the Daily Post wrote about it. Steve and Pablo are proud of their kids going to LASD and write about it up front. Amanda tried unsuccessfully to hide her BCS conflict of interest. She would talk about it only when challenged about it. Big difference. I've read the court opinion. It's the courts way of saying they didn't rule out bad faith, not that they found bad faith or even that bad faith is more likely than not. More importantly, the court fined BCS $50,000 for not following the rules and is poised to rule against BCS on every one of the motions. Between those issues above or your opinion of who's trying to buy elections, you have a pretty distorted view of reality.
momlosaltos November 09, 2012 at 04:27 AM
LASD Parent, The Court did not need to find bad faith for the ruling they made. However, for the Court to cite that in an opinion is extremenly damning and unusaual There was no reason for the Court to even mention it other than they found LASD behavior so awful that they felt compelled to mention it even though it was not part of the case. BCS never made a claim of bad faith but on oral argument the Justices asked about it. And Judge Lucas has yet to order anything. You have rather jumped the gun on that one. So let's get your facts straight. She may rule for or against LASD. I imagine whatever the ruling, more litigation will follow. It's a shame that LASD cannot treat the 600+ public school students at BCS equivalent to the other public school students.
Joan J. Strong November 09, 2012 at 07:06 AM
Grace, can you cite the location in the ruling where they used the words, "damning and unusual"? I never saw that. A couple things about the court case, which as we know, failed miserably for BCS in their goal of closing a thriving neighborhood public school. 1. The original LASD offer didn't count "the shrubbery" because LASD was comparing a 100% usable campus to a variably usable normal school campus. The trial court agreed with what BCS was doing. 2. The appeals court disagreed, saying that LASD must include roughly equal useless space, so include it they did in the most recent offer. 3. The appeals court mentioned that the fact that the District measured differently could LOOK LIKE bad faith if you weren't paying attention, but they understood that the District was simply measuring differently and that although they disagreed, they declined to rule that BCS was acting in bad faith because in fact they were not. Amanda left her association with BCS out of all of her materials both online and printed. No honest person can believe that was an accident. It clearly had everything to do with the fact that BCS is soundly rejected by the voters of Los Altos over and over and over again.
LASD Parent November 09, 2012 at 10:29 PM
Momlosaltos - The judge published her tentative rulings on the courthouse web site. In those rulings, she ruled against each of BCS's motions. It's possible, but unlikely, for her to change her mind. On top of it all she fined BCS $50,000 for refusing to follow the rules. You're probably right when you say that more litigation will follow. BCS and its wealthy donors have proven time and time again that they're willing to use their seemingly bottomless litigation budget to repeatedly sue an elementary school district.
LosAltosParent November 10, 2012 at 04:53 AM
It is sad to see this issue tearing apart such a great community. I understand BCS's point of view as a discriminated minority, whose charter actually started due to LASD's decision to close a school several years back only to have LASD decide to reopen that school a few years later. I understand all the LASD parents point of view too as it is hard to imagine LASD closing a school and displacing kids, teacher, and great community of the school (again). Why can't both sides present a solution to the land owning tax payers? We have all certainly benefited significantly through property appreciation due to having TWO great public school systems in our town. Let's all work towards solving this together and stop the mud throwing. Our children and great community depend on it.


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