Capital Christian Alumna Competes on ABC's 'Expedition Impossible'

Athletic director from Capital Christian talks about how many of Brittany Smith's characteristics make her a successful competitor on the show.

Brittany Smith, alumna of Capital Christian High School, has come a long way since her education in Rosemont.

Since her time at Capital Christian, Smith has attended UC Davis on a full-ride golf scholarship, returned to Capital Christian as an assistant golf coach and is now a competitor on ABC's new show, "Expedition Impossible." 

After completing week seven of the Expedition Impossible in third place, Smith and her team, "California Girls," will be shown battling to remain on through week eight Thursday at 9 p.m.

During last week's episode, Smith's personality was shown worldwide as she and her teammates paired up with a suffering team to complete the mission.

No Limits, the team Smith paired up with, has a member who is blind, Erick Weihenmayer, and a member who hurt his ankle at the beginning of the episode, Aaron "Ike" Isaacson.

In the frenzy of Ike's injury, No Limits misplaced their map. Without hesitation, Smith's team offered to share their map.

Almost immediately after the map was shared, No Limits solved the puzzle needed to find the location of the finish line. No Limits then shared their insight with California Girls and the two teams took off in unison. 

Suzanne Baker, athletic director at Captial Christian, has known Smith for almost nine years and said that example showed the kind of person Smith is.

"She knows if you do the right thing then good things happen," Baker said. "She understands you don't have to be cutthroat in order to be excellent at what you do."

During the episode Smith did not seem to have any problems sharing the trail with No Limits.

"We were just excited to be with No Limits, because just seeing Ike set the pace with a hurt ankle and using his crutches - that was amazing. And then to watch Erick climb up a mountain - I don't even know how he does that. I mean we're in absolute awe of that whole team and what they endured," Smith said during the episode.

Baker said while the coaches and students at Capital Christian do not sit down together to watch the show each week, they all meet up at school and talk about it the next day.

"It's always a topic of conversation," Baker laughed. "We'll be like, 'She's being so quiet.' But that is just her - she's a quiet competitor that gets the job done."

Baker said after Smith graduated from UC Davis she contacted Capital Christian asking what she could do to give back.

"At first she was merely volunteering her time on the boys and girls golf teams, but she ended up being there so much and doing a great job that we offered her a position as assistant coach," Baker said.

PJ Garza, golf coach at Captial Christian, coached Smith throughout high school and now works with her as his assistant coach.

"She's a great coach, to the boys and girls teams," Garza said. "The thing about Brittany is she just has a really nice, smooth swing. She's able to teach that to the students - that you don't have to be a big hitter. She teaches fundamentals and consistency."

Garza said Smith has brought success to herself because of her positive attitude.

"She is very good at forgetting the bad stuff, putting it aside and moving on," he said. "She teaches the students a 'one shot at a time' philosophy. Whether it's a good shot or a bad shot - you just move on to the next hole."

Beyond coaching, Smith has since helped out in the school's office while an employee underwent cancer treatment.

"She fit in perfectly right away. That is an important role because you become the face of the school and she just fit in with ease," Baker said.

While Smith may seem invincible, there are tracings that she is still human. 

On ABC's Expedition Impossible website, the California Girls page has a question and answer bit with Smith, in which she admits the one possession she could not live without is mascara.

"I know it's not high tech or smart phone savvy, but mascara for me is crucial to my existence. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic but I do hate leaving the house without first putting it on," Smith said according to the site.

Currently, Smith is initiating steps toward professional golfing, but back in TV time Smith's journey on "Expedition Impossible" continues.

There have been seven team eliminations thus far, with six teams remaining. Smith's team is the last all-girl team standing. 

Baker said no matter how far in the competition Smith goes, Captial Christian is still indefinitely proud of their former student.

"Brittany is definitely an example of who we want as an alumna," Baker said. "She's sharing her heart and who she is with the world. She's being excellent at what she does while still remaining approachable, friendly and helpful - and that's what we're all about."

To read more about the California Girls team visit .


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