Sac County Supervisors May Make Plea for Kings to Stay: Will it Help?

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors may adopt a resolution asking that the Sacramento Kings stay in town.

Since the announcement of plans to sell the Sacramento Kings to a Seattle-based group, numerous area residents and politicians have spoken up in opposition.

This week, another group could add its voice: The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors.

At its meeting Wednesday, the body will consider a resolution asking the NBA to keep the team in Sacramento.

The league's governing body has the final say over whether the Maloof brothers can sell the team and let it be relocated to Seattle, and a group of Sacramento investors says it will present a counter-offer before the league.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said Tuesday that group of investors will have its offer ready by March 1.

The resolution set to be discussed this week by the board of supervisors references the support the Kings have had in the area, and the downtown arena deal struck last year. The board says it "strongly supports keeping the Sacramento Kings in the City of Sacramento, and respectfully requests that the N.B.A. act accordingly."


Sacramento County Board of Supervisors meeting
11 a.m. Wednesday
700 H St., Sacramento 


Do you think this resolution will make a difference? What will eventually be the deciding factor to whether the Kings stay or go? Tell us in the comments section below.

Harold February 14, 2013 at 12:02 AM
Maybe they should concentrate on why the streets are falling apart and not being paved, why the parks aren't being taken care of why Rosemont Plaza is empty, why they are allowing the school district to close community schools, and a thousand other serious issues in the County instead of wasting time on developing a resoltuion whether or not a basketball team stays in the city. Guess I was wrong and all the serious issues have been taken care of.


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