Poll: Has Administrator Hudson's Spending Gone Overboard?

The Sacramento Bee reports County Administrator Brad Hudson's controversial spending habits have landed him in hot water.

The Sacramento County Administrator's spending habits have again landed him in hot water.

Brad Hudson, who was recruited from Riverside in June 2011, has spent $15,000 on a LogiSon Sound Masking System he believes will ensure the privacy of certain sensitive conversations.

The Sacramento Bee reports his purchase is raising eyebrows with Sacramento County Supervisors, and is another knock against the administrator, who in December spent $21,000 redecorating his office.

Hudson defended his purchase as necessary in protecting the sensitive conversations that take place in the county's labor relations and personnel offices, located on two separate floors of the county administrative building downtown.

County supervisors the Bee spoke with were less supportive of the purchase, understanding the need for privacy but saying a less expensive option could have been found.

Rosemont, what do you think of the purchase? Is this an appropriate use of county dollars, or should we be concerned with Hudson's spending methods? Vote in our poll below and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Tina Wong February 23, 2012 at 05:45 PM
Ridiculous. I just spoke to Don Notolli about why this man has spent so much on his office redecorating ($21,000) and he claims they have talked to "Brad" about this and told him that it does not sit well with constituents. Apparently it just goes in one ear and out the other. We should never have brought in this outsider, next time hire from within, someone who has connection to Sacramento. This **** (whatever you want to put in there) is out of touch and could care less.
T.R June 02, 2012 at 06:48 PM
I agree completely! It unbelievable he would even think to use Sacramento taxpayer's money to buy new furniture when our economy is struggling so badly. The fact that he did, shows he has no interest in helping us pull out of our "slump" (that's putting it mildly), but rather will take all he can get out of his position/job and then probably leave us high and dry once he can't get anything more. Terrible choice for Sacramento!! And why did he spend 15K on sound-proofing the building in which he works?? What does he have to hide? It's almost scary, wonder what he is planning that needs to be top-secret...


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