Photos: Show Us Your CA National Guard Heroes

The military agency celebrates its 375th birthday Tuesday.

The is headquartered just down the street from one of Rosemont's elementary schools, and near many of its businesses and homes.

Spend some time in the on Bradshaw Road, and it's easy to spot the camouflage-wearing customers coming from the guard's office.

The national guard is a big part of the Rosemont community, and .

Are you a member of the guard? Is your spouse, brother or sister? Do you have a son or daughter in the guard? Where have they traveled? What have they done to make you proud? In honor of the guard's birthday, share your photos (past or present) by clicking "Upload Photos and Videos" above, or by posting a comment below.

Bob White December 14, 2011 at 05:13 PM
Cody: You ought to verify that number. The guard would started in 1636 using 375 as the number. My guess is that the correct number is 175.
Bob White December 14, 2011 at 05:23 PM
Upon further research, the federal legislation establishing the National Guard was enacted into law in 1903. Anything prior to that, by whatever name, was a state militia that was "loaned" to the federal government during times of war. Also, by that reasoning, there could not have even been "loaning" prior to 1787 as there was no federal government yet.


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