Rosemont, How Did You Vote?

Neighborhood residents discuss who they voted for among local candidates on Election Day.

As voters streamed into local polling places on Election Day, they faced a barrage of choices waiting for them at the ballot box.

Besides choosing a candidate in the national races, Rosemont residents also decided on 11 different statewide measures, a deadlocked congressional race, a California State Assembly contest and a new school board trustee for Sacramento City Unified School District's Area 3.

Earlier this afternoon Patch asked a few Rosemont residents to discuss which candidates they picked in the congressional, Assembly and school board races, and why.  We dropped by a polling place at Capital Christian Center on Micron Avenue as people were getting off work.  Here are some of their answers.

Mindy Scates-Gonzalez 

Voted for Eric Sunderland in the SCUSD school board trustee race

“A lady came around who is a teacher in our area, and said she’d interviewed (Sunderland), and agreed with a lot of his positions about the school district.  He's a parent in the district and had a local involvement, and that was important to me.”

Maggie Thomas

Voted for Ken Cooley in the California State Assembly District 8 race

“He really did clean Rancho Cordova up (as city councilman), and Rancho is looking very beautiful right now…he was really involved in the community.”

Scott Onishi

Voted for Ami Bera in the 7th congressional district race

“I’ve seen Dan Lungren’s track record, and I don’t like the guy…it seems like he’s a very selfish guy.”

Marcela Diaz

Voted for Christina Pritchett in the SCUSD school board trustee race

“She actually came by our house and talked with us and she’s on the PTA for the high school where my daughters attend.  Outreach, outreach, outreach.”

Mike Vo

Voted for Peter Tateishi in the California Assembly District 8 race

“He’s young, and I think he’ll do some good things.”

Mohammad Battah

Voted for Pritchett in the SCUSD school board trustee race

“My kids go to a private school, but my neighbor asked me to vote for her, so I did.”

Alyson Starkweather

Voted for Tateishi in the California Assembly District 8 race

“I pretty much (voted) Republican all the way across.  I’m really worried about taxes and the economy, so I wanted to focus on that.”

Debbie Blakenship

Voted for Tateishi in the California Assembly District 8 race

“I generally vote Republican, so I lean more right.  I listened to (Tateishi) on KFBK with John Guinness, and I was impressed that he showed up when Ken Cooley didn’t.”


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