County May Require New Rosemont Plaza Wall

The county wants the fence behind the shopping center replaced with something sturdier.

In the more than four decades Cyndi Marshall has lived behind Rosemont Plaza, she's seen her share of annoyances: a loud post office, refrigerated delivery trucks idling all night, a recycling center, and now she says homeless encampments spring up in the parking lot every night.

"They just sit right up against your fence," Marshall said. "(They're) right there looking through the slats and they can hear everything you're saying and you can hear everything they're doing."

Sacramento County's Code Enforcement Department has a solution: build a masonry wall.

Rosemont Plaza's owners received a notice last month saying they're violating a county law that requires a "six-foot high perimeter masonry wall along the interior boundary lines of all residential (RD) zoned properties."

They've appealed the decision, and will plead their case before the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors during a public hearing on Feb. 28.

A call to the Los Altos-based property owners of Rosemont Plaza has not been returned at the time of this story. The property owners appealing to the county are listed as Elie Alcheck of Los Altos and Irvin Weinstock of Belmont.

Weinstock owns the section of 9111 Kiefer Blvd. nearest the street where is located and 9133 Kiefer Blvd., according to county property records. Alcheck is a general partner in the partnership that owns the rest of the plaza.

In their request to appeal the code violation, Alcheck and Weinstock say no one has ever brought the violation up during previous remodels. They also contest that homeowners behind the plaza should help to pay for the wall.

"That's laughable, actually," Marshall said.

Alcheck and Weinstock also say to install a masonry wall, the "approximately 60-70 trees" next to the existing wood fences would have to be removed, and they "believe (the homeowners) would strongly object to the removal of so much landscaping."

The cost is also a problem for the two owners.

"The cost of installing a masonry wall is exorbitant and the timeframe unreasonable, particularly in this current economic climate," their appeal request says.

Several members of the said last week that they plan to attend the Feb. 28 hearing to see what happens. Marshall will likely be paying close attention: she's been documenting problems behind her home and writing occasional letters to Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli since 2000.


Hearing to appeal code violation at Rosemont Plaza:

2 p.m.
Tuesday, Feb. 28
Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Chambers
700 H St., Suite 1450

An agenda for that meeting will be posted at SacCounty.net.

Tina Wong February 12, 2012 at 02:48 PM
And where are politicians when we need them. I have attempted to contact Supervisor Nottoli's office a few times via email and phone re the mall. Either ignored or somebody from code enforcement calls to say they can't do anything. Nottoli needs to at least attempt to set up a meeting with the owners and community. As the community has tried with no success.
Richard elorduy February 12, 2012 at 11:53 PM
I have lived on the corner of Mignon St. and Codesa since 1972. A wall is needed to cut down the noise from the delivery trucks,garbage trucks and curtail the problem of the homeless camping back there at night. This has been ignored for a long time and the owners should be held accountable to build a barrier been the nieghbors fences and the shopping center. Rich and Marryan Elorduy
Cody Kitaura February 13, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Hi Tina, What else would you like to see the county do with respect to this masonry wall issue?
Genevieve Guerrero March 18, 2012 at 04:41 PM
I would prefer not to see all the trees destroyed. A strong wooden fence would probably suffice and maybe it would be cheaper than a concrete wall...I don't now. I would really hate to see them pull out all those beautiful trees...does anyone know if the workers who install a new concrete wall or strong wooden fence can do so by working around and in between the trees...that would be good to know for sure...I drove around the back area of the center and there is certainly enough room to do so. As to the gate not being locked after 10 pm, that can be easily rectified...shouldn't be too much of a problem to fix.
Jesica Monroe March 27, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Actually the gate being locked up after 10 probably would be a problem for deliveries to the stores. Some companies do not like to deliever during the day so they do most of them at night. I do think that the homeless are a problem but certainly in this economy we are not the only ones trying to fight that.


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