Barack Obama Re-Elected President

President Barack Obama defeated Republican Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were re-elected Tuesday night, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney and his vice-presidential running mate Rep. Paul Ryan.

NBC News called the presidential election for Obama around 11:15 EST. The president sent a message on Twitter at 10:14 saying simply, "This happened because of you. Thank you."

The Obama campaign won the most expensive presidential race ever, with both parties raising about $2.6 billion. The race was filled with negative campaigning on both sides, from President Obama attacking Romney’s business experience with Bain Capital to Romney lambasting Obama’s handling of the economy.

The race tightened during the final months of the campaign, with gaffes and surges from both candidates. After a weak performance after the Republican Convention, Romney surged following Obama’s listless performance after the first presidential debate. Nevertheless, the president cemented a lead in battleground states heading into Tuesday’s election.

Obama handily won California, which also went blue in 2008.

Doug Curlee November 08, 2012 at 05:22 PM
c5..of all the posts on this thread..nearly a thousand..yours is about the only one that actually makes sense.. which, of course, is why it'll never fly here.. let's hope washington hears about it.. doug
BridgetBurns November 08, 2012 at 05:23 PM
Russ - I also suggest that no one making over $250,000 AGI, or $300,000 per couple, per year, qualifies for a SS benefit or Medicare. They obviously don't NEED the SS check, and it would be a good way for them to learn how difficult and expensive for someone over 65 years of age to procure health insurance. They should be grateful to the United States for allowing them to be so successful and be willing to help the less fortunate.
MellowMaverick November 08, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Mark.,Maher is first and foremost a satirist...I'm pretty sure he was employing satire and hyperbole there.
John Foley November 08, 2012 at 05:29 PM
It's not surprising Redwood City ppl voted for the mistake considering they don't even realize what their kids are exposed to in one of the worst districts in Northern California!! I am cheering each and every layoff already starting right now!!
Leah Hall November 08, 2012 at 05:32 PM
"Little to Show for Cash Flood by Big Donors" - NY Times I thought some might be interested in this article. One of the points it raised that I found interesting: “Money is a necessary condition for electoral success...But it’s not sufficient, and it’s never been.” "Even by the flush standards of a campaign in which the two presidential candidates raised $1 billion each, the scale of outside spending was staggering: more than $1 billion all told, about triple the amount in 2010." "Flush with cash, Republican-leaning groups outspent Democratic ones by an even greater margin than in 2010. But rather than produce a major partisan imbalance, the money merely evened the playing field in many races." http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/08/us/politics/little-to-show-for-cash-flood-by-big-donors.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
early whirly November 08, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Notice that the President who had success for the Democrats was all over the place during the elections and the President responsible for the mess you are all talking about-George W- was tucked away and out of sight. The same people that think their beliefs, and their beliefs only, can run the country are the same people that are unwilling or frankly too stupid to realize how we got in this position.That's OK...you can all stew for another 4 years and then - if you haven't changed your views like the rest of the American public - you can lose the election all over again. Welcome yourselves to the minority. Good luck with that.
BridgetBurns November 08, 2012 at 05:38 PM
There is not one ounce of jounalistic ability in Limbaugh or Hannity. They are paid to be entertainers not journalists. If you think you can learn facts from them, O'Rielly, or brietbart.com, you need to take a step back.
BridgetBurns November 08, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Mark - Chris Matthews apologized in depth for that remark. It was heartfelt and sincere. At least he has enough integrity to admit what he said was horrible, unlike Limbaugh, Hannity, Karl Rove, or O'Rielly.
UPinSmoke November 08, 2012 at 05:54 PM
@Wire......Yes. And black is white. As far as our representatives: The Dems. have drifted to the right. The right has gone 'righter'. Generally. Of course, it still depends on Which R or D you are talking to. Thank goodness.
BridgetBurns November 08, 2012 at 05:55 PM
Steve - I guess that means until middle aged and older white men die off or move out of the U.S. they won't recogonize they are in the minority now. Maybe the Republicans can learn something from this election.
Russ Sawyer November 08, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Don't you love the Fox Newsites.......cry baby cry!!!
KFrances November 08, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Good luck with your new AmeriKa - Ask anyone from Estonia or the many, many other countries that know EXACTLY where this headed. Freedom was a pipe dream I guess.
KFrances November 08, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Good luck with your new AmeriKa - Ask anyone from Estonia or the many, many other countries that know EXACTLY where this headed. Freedom was a pipe dream I guess.
Susan November 08, 2012 at 06:03 PM
More good news, America. Today Rush Limbaugh is sorting out why they lost: "We did not get beat solely on demography… we have Condoleezza Rice, Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal… we've got 'em everywhere." Ah, yes, "them." That reminds me, have the Tea Party Patriots called for Marco Rubio's birth certificate yet? He was born in Cuba, right? Dinesh D'Souza's gonna do a documentary about him, right? "The Republicans wouldn't of lost if they'd gotten their base out." Ah ha! "You can't say the Republicans aren't inclusive." Lord, no! You don't ever want to consider that one. "It's hard to beat Santa Claus… they don't see themselves as moochers, they're entitled to it." Staying with what works… excellent -- HILLARY 2016!
tony masi November 08, 2012 at 06:03 PM
The emotional intensity expressing the divided viewpoints witnessed here has been discouraging at best. However, after everyone has blown off some steam, there is hope that we as a people can come together on issues that we all share in common. It may just be a recycled platitude, but I hope we can work forward on the issues and concerns that unite us and stop wasting time and energy on the issues that divide us. A divided population is an easily distracted and manipulated population. Where is the wealth in this country going? Who is profiting the most and why? Why do we have to spend more on defense than any other country on the world? Why does our country have the highest percentage of its population in jail? Are trading away our liberties and rights to privacy as guaranteed by the Constitution really necessary to ensure our domestic security? Why is power in this country being consolidated down into fewer and fewer controlling interests? Why are lobbyists and private think-tanks or councils allowed to exercise such control over our publicly-elected government? And who has given the government the mandate to place us in never-ending debt? And who profits from that debt?
SalthePlumber November 08, 2012 at 06:04 PM
The Republican party is irrelevent. And all the Koch's money and all of Rove's flying monkeys cant put them back together again. You can paint a piece of Sh*t, but most people know it is still a piece of Sh*t...
JTB November 08, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Russ Sawyer wrote: "Limit the cost of health care. Doctors don't all need to be billionaires. Even Baseball puts salary limits on its youngest players. Limit doctors for the first ten years." Russ, you have made a lot of ignorant statements on this thread, more than I can possibly count. But this one takes the prize. So you think doctors are the ones to blame for the rising costs in healthcare? You really need to pay for a cable subscription package that includes something other than MSNBC and Sesame Street!
Riley Willerson November 08, 2012 at 06:09 PM
Tom so by your logic, blacks vote for Obama because he is black and that Blacks vote based on skin color. So it is fair to say that White voters voted for Romney based on skin color. Not that you are wrong, but it swings both ways. Many Americans voted for Romney and Obama based on race, what an astute observation.
KFrances November 08, 2012 at 06:12 PM
It's not Right Left It's not Republican Democrat 40% of the U.S. are Independents which leaves 30/30 for Rep./Dem so trying to figure out who these people are fighting... Read behind 'The Green Mask' to see what's really going on....
Kevin George November 08, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Ok, how about if everyone calls it quits at 1000 comments and return Patch to its original role as a local news and comment outlet.
Riley Willerson November 08, 2012 at 06:16 PM
On another note, has anyone heard from Robert Livesay ? All fun aside, is he ok? Robert just post "I'm ok". I am not trying to rub salt into his beliefs , just an honest cocern, he has been missing from patch, or maybe he is just fed up with it all.
KMD November 08, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Russ, what makes you think your source is reliable? The propaganda main stream in the pocket for Democrats media? Any news on Bengahzi and the deaths of Ambassador Stevens, his assistant and two seals in a 9/11 planned Al Qaeda attack as the WH situation room watched for seven hours in real time as they were killed and orders were sent out not to help them when help was within 45 minutes away from them? A General was fired on the spot when he invoked assistance to the Ambassador. Since the CIA has reported they never ordered a stop assistance order the next place that order would come from is POTUS and he chose not save their lives when he could have.Ty Woods, one of the seals was killed by mortar fire after he targeted the area with a laser to be fired upon by a C130, but there was the little problem of the stop order issued. Al Qaeda used his laser to locate and kill him. So Russ, tell me what do you know about all this other than nothing. That's the kind of news you watch, the kind that covers up and buries anything unfavorable for the POTUS. Why don't you ask Ty Woods and Ambassador Stevens families how they feel about how the news stations you watch covered it up and lied for POTUS on this story to protect him during the election cycle. POTUS spent $60K tax payer dollars running ads in Libya to promote the lie it all happened b/c of a video. It's easy enough to look up if you know how to search on line. But that would mean having to leave your comfort bubble zone.
Andrew November 08, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Obama supporters - we'll see tune you'll be singing on January 1st when you see your net pay. This is only the beginning. Then comes Prop 30 sales tax and the 1% Moraga/Orinda sales tax. I talk to some in Moraga and Orinda who actually think that "outsiders" will come here to shop and fund these "road improvements". I have to replace my car and it should be around 40K. I am registering my car at my business address to save the sales tax ($400.00) and you should too !
KMD November 08, 2012 at 06:21 PM
Sheila why aren't you asking questions about this? It's relevant to all of us since POTUS is unwilling to protect American lives over his presidency.
Russ Sawyer November 08, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Hey JTB......You lost!!! Obama and Democrats WON......FOUR MORE YEARS. Conservatism is DEAD. The Tea Party gone and I'm laughing at YOU.
c5 November 08, 2012 at 06:32 PM
don't forget the massive income tax increase that is already in place, retroactive to the beginning of the year...
UPinSmoke November 08, 2012 at 06:33 PM
@Tony Thanks for asking the questions that need serious consideration from whichever camp one is in. Perhaps the loss of Habeas Corpus, and the NDAA would be an issue common to many.
Russ Sawyer November 08, 2012 at 06:39 PM
Didn't you watch the TV Tuesday night Andy???? Be afraid!!! Be very afraid!! doesn't work on Americans anymore......we are so tired of your scare tactics. Our President has repeated time and time again, he is letting the Bush tax cuts EXPIRE only on people making over 250K. Andrew try this......wait four years and start repeating WMD's over and over.....LOL!!!!!!
Californicated1 November 08, 2012 at 06:40 PM
I'd rather watch "Behind The Green Door", but that's me.
John Ness November 08, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Thank you to everyone who's commented! We're shutting down this thread now.


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