Three Men Assaulted and Stabbed by Unknown Suspects

Sacramento Sheriff's deputies were unable to locate the suspects or the actual scene of the crime.

Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies responding to a call following an assualt on three men on New Year's Eve found two with stab wounds, another with some non-life threatening injuries.

According to a deputy report, six, maybe seven unknown Hispanic male adults engaged in a physical altercation with three males, one of whom was a minor near the intersection of Kiefer Boulevard and Mayhew Road around 1 a.m. Two were stabbed, including the minor, 17, by one of the Hispanic males with an unknown object.

"This incident took place after a New Year’s Eve party ended not far from the location," said Sheriff's Sgt. Jason Ramos.

Both victims were unable to identify specifically who stabbed them, Ramos noted.

"This was a party where a bunch of young people who don’t know each other end up in the same place together, because word spreads through social media, Facebook, etc.," he said. "According to two of the victims in this case, someone they knew had been in a fight with a Hispanic male believed to be among the group of suspects in this case earlier at the party."

Ramos explained when the party ended, everyone went their separate ways. According to him, the victims believe that when their car broke down near a market, the suspects came across them and recognized them from being associated with the someone who one of them was in a fight with earlier.

"One of the victims referenced a first name of one of the suspects, who were all reportedly also at the same party earlier, but he wasn’t 100 percent sure," Ramos said.

According to the report, during the meleé the third victim was accidently hit by a witnesses vehicle as she was attempting to pick up the minor to transport him to the hospital.

The minor was transported for his injuries, the second stabbing victim was later located at another hospital. Both the victim's njuries were determined to be non-life threatening, according to the reprot. The male struck by the car was treated and released by Sacramento Metro Fire District responders at the scene. Deputies were unable to locate the actual scene of the crime, according to the report.

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