Sheriff: Burglaries and Theft Most Common Crimes During the Holidays

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department officials warn of the potential increase in theft-related crimes around the holiday season.

With the holiday season upon us, Sacramento County Sheriff's officials are taking a moment to remind Sacramento-area residents about the two most common crimes to occur around this time of year, vehicle burglaries and thefts.

The department has compiled a list of things residents can do to stay safe. Listed below are some suggestions for the citizens of this community to use in an effort to reduce these offenses:

  • Don’t try and hide any items in your vehicle.
  • Remove everything of value in your vehicle before you go to any parking lot.
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle at any time.
  • Remove items (wallet, laptops, purses, tapes, CD's, gym bags, books, cash, or anything of value) from the vehicle when possible.
  • Remove "pull-out" style stereos and/or removable faceplates of stereos.
  • Don’t park at your destination and then place valuables in the trunk.
  • If you must put valuables in your trunk, do so before you arrive at your destination.
  • Thieves are often watching you and your vehicle when you are parking.
  • In many different parking lots, especially gym or sports parking lots, thieves assume that you have left your purse and wallet and will check every vehicle for valuable items.
  • Never leave any keys in your vehicle.
  • Always lock the doors and completely shut the windows, even when you are away from the vehicle for a short time.
  • Park in lighted areas and don’t park in between larger vehicles.
  • Park in garages or on driveways or near your house or apartment so that the vehicle can be viewed periodically.
  • Use a locking steering wheel device.
  • Install or always use your car alarm.


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