POLL: Sheriff's Deputies Are Shooting at Suspects More Often. Are You Concerned?

Sacramento County sheriff's deputies have killed six people so far this year, the Sacramento Bee reports.

Shootings by Sacramento County sheriff's deputies have hit a ten-year high in 2012, The Sacramento Bee reports—and it's only June.

Deputies have killed six people so far this year, and shot at four others who survived, the Bee reports. That's more shootings than in any full year in the last decade, according to the Bee.

Sheriff Scott Jones told the paper he doesn't see any pattern to the shootings and that deputies appear to have acted appropriately in each case. But he also said he plans to add new training for deputies on the use of deadly force.

As Patch has previously reported, the Sacramento County District Attorney's office recently stopped conducting independent reviews of officer-involved shootings, and no new system has emerged to keep tabs on whether officers' use of force was justified.

Are this year's stats a sign of a bigger problem, or just an anomaly?

Read the full Bee story here. Then vote in our poll below.

Diane Brinkley June 15, 2012 at 08:11 PM
Police officers put their life on the line every second on a daily shift to protect you. Criminals are getting more and more aggressive (due to being high on drugs). Look at the Miami face eater for example! Try to rationalize with that guy! The police are not ramdomly shooting innocent people! Those being shot are breaking the law and threatening the officers life. Think about it, if it came down to it being either you or a criminal, I am sure none of you would volunteer to be the victim. You would do what you need to do if you felt your life was threatened. A police officer is no different.
Dave Peterson June 16, 2012 at 01:11 AM
The criminals watch the news too. they know that there are less cops on the street and they are slower to react so they are becoming bolder. The economy is making the poor and disenfranchised even more desperate and prone to violence. The 2nd amendment needs to be allowed to flourish and let the law abiding citizens carry weapons. Criminals are cowards at heart and if they know it is likely they will meet armed resistance from would be victims they will be less likely to act!
Dave Peterson June 16, 2012 at 01:15 AM
PS. The choices for an answer dont allow for the fact that criminals are becoming more likely to use violence towards law enforcement. It isnt a statistical fluke but a fact that they actually believe (possibly rightly so) that if they can get away they wont be caught due to the short handed cops not having time or resources to hunt them down.


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