Anything New in Jessica's Investigation? Not Yet

A Sacramento County Sheriff's Department spokesman provides an update on the investigation into the killing of Jessica Funk-Haslam.

It's been a little more than two weeks since 13-year-old Albert Einstein Middle School student Jessica Funk-Haslam was found dead in a local dugout, and no arrests have been made.

But it's still at the forefront of discussion in Rosemont, and is making headlines and around the world.

Unfortunately for Jessica' family, friends and curious residents, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department spokesman Dep. Jason Ramos said Wednesday that the department didn't have any new information to release.

"Everyone that Jessica knew or hung out with is potentially a suspect(s)," Ramos said in an email. "We are awaiting results from forensic analysis of items, but have nothing new to report in the meantime."

trish March 24, 2012 at 04:55 AM
what I would like to know is: who do the police suspect? was she online with anyone? do they suspect one person or a group? a teenager, or some older person at school, maybe a volunteer who she had a particular report with? sadly, sick people frequently work with kids and target people like jessica, a kid with a parent who would let them out of the house alone at that hour and then not report them missing; what's up with that? or do they think it was someone from her past? ANYTHING so that we can know what to be looking for? the park definitely needs lights and repairs and all that, but this was a brutal, brutal crime. at this point I'd even feel better if the police just got on tv and appealed to the person(s) to just turn themselves in for help, as most people who commit crimes like this are mentally ill, not "evil."
mike bernard March 24, 2012 at 05:53 AM
I totally agree with the last comment, there has to be some clue of who she contacted to meet up with that horrible night, some of her friends had to hear her speak of someone,I feel terrible for her parents but just can't understand how and why her mom let her go out and not follow her and It baffles me the police weren't notified as soon as she left, somebody or more than just somebody knows something out there and I hope the police ask for someone to step up and help them !


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