Movie Review: 'Skyfall' is Bond at His Best

He's got the tux, the cars, the gadgets, the girls: James Bond is back and better than ever.

Daniel Craig is back in his best Bond performance to date in 'Skyfall.'

Released in the 50th year of the franchise, the 23rd Bond film is one of the best yet—and I have seen all of them. The opening chase scene may be the best ever and it sets the tone for a really good spy thriller and pure Bond fantasy.

Javier Bardem plays the villain in this one. He's creepy good as the bad guy, making this movie that much better.

We learn more about Bond in this film than any of the othes, as he tries to come to grips with his mortality and the fact that his type of spying has become obsolete due to technology. But as you might have guessed, when it's time to kick some butt…Who you gonna call?

A great supporting cast including Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes add their talents in this visually stunning film that takes you from London to exotic Asian locales with eye candy popping out in every scene.  

There are great shootouts and hand-to-hand combat sequences in this movie. The flick-o-meter gives 'Skyfall' a five out of five. Sure, it falls victim to cliches like implausible escapes and Bond's ability to dodge just about every bullet fired at him…but if he did get hit, that would be the end of the series, and we don't want that. This is a terrific movie. If you haven't seen a 007 film in years, this is the time to jump back in.

Which Bond movie is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.


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