Sacramento Family Court Victim Describes the Trauma of Illegal Child Custody Orders

Judge Matthew Gary continues unchecked misconduct against disabled, unrepresented family court parties

Ventura County Family Court Users Describe Similar Problems
Ventura County Family Court Users Describe Similar Problems

Sacramento Family Court News has posted a video of family court victim Susan Ferris describing her nightmarish experience in family court. Controversial Judge Matthew Gary issued a court order prohibiting the disabled, single parent from having any contact with her daughter Megan.

The case is one of several similar cases that family court reform advocates say shows serial misconduct by family court judges and collusion with private sector attorneys who also act as temporary judges in the same court. To view the video, visit this link:


Family court watchdogs allege that the judge pro tem program effectively operates as an organized criminal enterprise where lawyers are rewarded with rubber-stamped orders for paying clients and other perks in exchange for running the settlement conference program for the court.

Court watchdogs also contend that the Sacramento Family Court judge pro tem program results in the public being deprived of the federally protected right to honest government services, a federal crime

Gary is aware of the racketeering enterprise, but has failed to report the misconduct as required by Canon 3D(1) & (2) of the California Code of Judicial Ethics, the ethical standards all judges and temporary judges must follow, the watchdogs charge.


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