Remembering 9-11: Where Were You?

More than a decade after the World Trade Center’s collapse, a note a victim wrote and threw from a tower finally fell into the hands of his wife and daughters.


The devastating collapse of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, was more than a decade ago, but one Connecticut family recently learned that the husband and father they lost in the attacks hadn’t died the way they thought. 

A note Randy Scott scribbled onto a piece of paper and threw from the 84th floor of Two World Trade Center was passed from person to person until it fell into the hands of his wife and daughters, according to an article on SFGate. 

After reading the note, the family realized Scott hadn’t died instantly when the second plane crashed into the tower near the floors containing the offices of Euro Brokers Inc., where Scott worked, according to the article.

The note read:

"84th floor

West Office

12 people trapped"


According to the article, someone had found the note on the street and handed it to a guard at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It was minutes before the building collapsed.

The note had a small spot of Scott’s blood that officials used in DNA tests to determine the note’s author and deliver it to his family in August 2011. 

The note has forever changed the Scott family’s perception of what happened on Sept. 11. 

What do you remember about September 11? Where were you when the towers collapsed?


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