Movie Review: 'Lawless' is an Early Oscar Contender

An all-star cast goes bootlegging in this week's new release.

The summer is wrapping up and we already have a film with Oscar possibilities. 

Tom Hardy plays legendary bootlegger Forrest Bondurant and Guy Pierce is hot on his trail in 'Lawless,' a film full of violence and great acting.

There is never a dull moment in this film about moonshine bootlegging and its life-changing consequences. The film is narrated by Shia LaBeof, who plays Forrest's younger brother. Pierce plays a psychotic federal agent hell-bent on stopping the brothers. Jessica Chastain plays a former dancer and Hardy's love interest who then becomes his partner in crime.

This film is violent, intense, and even funny at times. The romantic element between Hardy and Chastain add an extra quality to make the entire cinematic experience memorable.

The movie version is a bit different from the real life history of the actual Bondurant brothers but, as you will see, it's worth it.

It may not get the Oscar notoriety in the best movie category, but individual performances from Hardy, Pierce, and Chastain should get some recognition from the Academy come awards time.

So the flick-o-meter gives 'Lawless' a four out of five. The violence in the film will keep you on the edge of your seat, even though some of it is a bit cringe-worthy. In the end it's not a perfect film, but it certainly is worth watching. I'm sure the academy will also take note.

Do you plan to see 'Lawless'? Tell us in the comments.


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