Big Rush for 12/12/12 Weddings: Know Anybody Who's Tying the Knot?

Couples are flocking to the local county clerk's office to get married on 12/12/12. Tell us if you're getting married on Wednesday or if you wed on a previous repeating-digit date.

Love is in the air Wednesday, sparked by a repeating-date combination most have become familar with by now: 12/12/12.

The Sacramento County Clerk's Office is jam-packed with happy couples waiting to tie the knot, and more keep coming.

"It's pretty crazy," county spokeswoman Chris Andis said. "When I was there, there was maybe 50 people in one room."

She said the clerk's wedding calendar is all booked for the day, but staff are rearranging to increase their capacity. 

Yolo County has experienced a similar bump. 

"They have performed 3 ceremonies already and have a total of 7 scheduled for today," said county spokesperson Beth Gabor in an email. "On a typical Wednesday they usually only schedule 3."

They're also anticipating walk-ins. 

Barring some incredible extension of human lifespan, this is the last time local residents will have the chance to wed on a date with repeating digits. Each year for the past decade, couples have flocked to wedding chapels on the repeating-date day of the year. 

Last year, CNN reported on a flood of Las Vegas weddings spurred by the 11/11/11 date. The year prior, the New York Times reported a tenfold increase in weddings on 10/10/10 compared to a "normal" day. And Time Magazine called 7/7/07 "The Most Popular Wedding Day Ever."


Readers, are you tying the knot today? Did you get married on a previous repeating-date? Tell us in the comments and share a photo by clicking "Upload Photos and Videos" above.

12.12.12Bride.and.Groom December 13, 2012 at 12:58 AM
I got married today, on 12.12.12 in Indianapolis Indiana! No one knows except me, my husband, & the people of the Church. The date was set since last year. Once it got closer though things weren't going as I imagined. Bridesmaids were stressing me, hubby's groomsmen & even best man were backing out, said they weren't able to make it, people were complaining about money being tight, it being so close to Christmas,... It was overwelmimg to me. I cried (I know, I'm a girl Lol!). Although I had already gotten my wedding gown, I decided to help people & post-pone (that was my intention), me & my husband decided on the new date of 7/13/13 for Celebration of us & my recently deceased grandma's birthday, but, the more I thought about having to post -pone the more I was sad. This was the date I picked, the date I wanted! Although my dream was never to get married without the fairytale, we decided to go ahead & keep our date! We talk to the Pastor about it & he agreed to marry us on 12/12/12 and even waited (for me) to pronounce us as man & wife at 12:12pm. (lol) He will re-marry us on 7/13/13 so we then can then celebrate with our family & friends (hopefully it all works out then, if not, oh well, I'm already married)! I'm not lying, I'm just not telling... I will announce it to everyone on 7/13/13 though :)
Rev. Rick and Jennifer Tan December 13, 2012 at 05:09 PM
We were fortunate to have officiated 3 weddings on 12/12/12, including one at midnight and one at noon! --Revered Rick and Jennifer Tan


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