Disability Access Suit Aims to Close The Rink

Federal lawsuit filed against skating rink by same attorney who sued Squeeze Inn in 2009.

A Rancho Cordova man wants to shut down a Rosemont business until the owners provide better wheelchair access.

Spladae Moore filed a civil suit in federal court Thursday against The Rink, a skating facility on Bradshaw Road.  In the suit, Moore, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair, claims the business doesn't comply with the 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act and should close until restrooms, tables and the snack bar are made wheelchair-accessible.

Moore is also seeking unspecified damages.

The suit names a Chico firm called Bradshaw Bar Group as a defendant along with Sacramento developers Charles and Bruce Fite.  A fourth defendant, R. Grant Jordan, was also named.

When reached at his Sacramento office today, Charles Fite said he was not aware of a lawsuit filed against him and said he had no information about the case.

The other defendants named in the case did not return voicemail messages before this story was posted.  Jordan, a Sacramento doctor, passed away in 2010.

In the lawsuit, Moore claims he is suing the Rink after visiting the skating facility for a birthday party in February 2012. According to court documents obtained by Rosemont Patch, the skating facility "is not accessible to persons in wheelchairs; the snack bar is not accessible on either side of its entrance; (and) there are no tables accessible for wheelchairs."

The filing does not provide more details about the skating rink's accessibility.

Moore's attorney is Jason Singleton, better known as the lawyer who sued The Squeeze Inn in 2009, a Sacramento restaurant on Fruitridge Road that was forced to move because of the lawsuit.

Singleton was not available for comment Friday.

According to adacrisis.com, a web site that monitors ADA lawsuits, Singleton has filed 241 accessibility cases since 1997.

The Rink reopened .  Formerly King's Skate Country, the skating facility opened May 31, 2011

A pre-trial hearing has been set for October 4, 2012 at the U.S. district court in Sacramento.

T.R June 02, 2012 at 12:15 AM
Great, what we need is another empty building...blight is everywhere.
Dave Peterson June 02, 2012 at 02:30 AM
This guy needs to disappear. I am so sick of him and those like him ABUSING the protections given to disabled people.
Tennessy Smith June 02, 2012 at 02:53 AM
How is he abusing the protections for disabled people? If a person in a wheel chair can not get to a public restroom how is that ok? These places should make facilities that everyone can access, whether there disabled or not. I'm all for it someone needs to stand up to these places and represent the disabled people. Why should they lay down and deal with it.
Brad June 02, 2012 at 09:17 AM
Yeah!! Another way to push business away from the area! The Methheads, street-peddlers, and schizophrenic transients on Folsom and Bradshaw are ecstatic that they will have a new place to sleep, urinate, bump & dump, and get high ... and they can do it on skates! With convenient access to light-rail and beautiful downtown Rancho Cordova ... it's a tweeker's paradise! Yeah that's right Rosemont, we dodged a major bullet by having these new owners come in to salvage one of the last community activity centers in the area, and that's right, this is their reward for it. What's that you say? The suit is coming from someone not from around here ... well, who gives a damn! By gosh darn-it, this is 'Merica, and everyone knows that in 'Merica, "My needs are much more important than yours!". Way to put personal needs and self-interest before those of the community - particularly ones of which you are not even a part. Winning!
Teresa Savage June 02, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Here is how I see it, ADA rules that if an older, non compliance, buiding is renovated then it must be built up to code. Now when King's Skate closed down for "renovations" I do not see why they were not informed that they must be built to code. How did they get permits or pass the inspection without complying to the law of ADA? I am not saying they should shut down it is a great place for our children and families. I just can't see how they were able to make renovations without complying. Was it another form of renovation that enabled them from having to comply? Good question, I hope it can be resolved.
T.R June 02, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Ok, so because he has difficulty accessing the bathroom, NO ONE should be allowed to skate? Because it comes down to that- if they can't afford to make the $$$$ upgrades (and pay fines to boot), they shut their doors and everyone loses a community activity center. How is THAT fair? Its a known fact that many of these lawsuits are simply predatory, abusing the ADA laws for their own monetary gain.
T.R June 02, 2012 at 06:40 PM
So in this case, the "blame" should fall not on the owners of the rink, as they could not be expected to know all the laws and codes for renovating a building (they are skate rink owners, not attorneys or contractors). Instead, the people whose job it is to "ok" the renovation should have made sure all was ok with the ADA rules, giving recommendations if there was anything lacking. The owners should claim excemption and Sacramento city/county should cough up the fees and fines for the lawsuit. This of course may mean Sacramento will have to dip into their already depleted funds, which may have other repercussions- but at least that man will get something for his pain and suffering. Sounds fair, right? This is America afterall, we will make sure to uphold everyone's rights, down to the last toilet, even if it means further erosion of our once-great nation. BTW- I have lived in the area for over 40 yrs, skated at that rink since I was 3 and saw many people in wheelchairs coming and going there, enjoying spending time with their families...why suddenly now it's become an issue? And right when the economy is so poor and our neighborhood is struggling? There are ramps to get around and the bathrooms aren't great, even for non-disabled persons. So, while it may not be "perfect" for the disabled, it doesn't warrant a lawsuit and hefty fines.
Joe Black June 02, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Why is Jason Singleton wrong? He is sticking up for disabled people just like him. If you was in a wheelchair and went to the Rink and needed to use the restroom would you want your own independence in going to the bathroom yourself and being able to get your wheelchair around freely in the bathroom there. I'm sure the person sent a letter asking for changes before filing suit and of course nothing was done to fix any issues. If you own a business be prepared to obey all laws and regulations and have money on hand to fix issues that may arise.
T.R June 02, 2012 at 07:35 PM
All the empty storefronts you see in Rosemont...they are a testimony to how hard it is to keep a small store going- small business owners aren't wealthy CEOs running large corporations by any means. Keeping "money on hand to fix things" isn't as easy as you make it sound...hence the blight everywhere you look in our area. This kind of lawsuit just adds more empty buildings to the community, it's not a constructive way to improve our neighborhood. Jason Singleton is not wrong for "sticking up" for disabled persons, but ADA compliance attorneys like him use the method of "demand for money" letters. In these letters, lawyers often order businesses to pay a set amount, plus their exorbitant legal fees, in exchange for dropping the case. I see it almost as a form of extortion. If unable to pay, a lawsuit ensues- also very costly, so businesses are trapped in a no-win situation. End result is often failure of a business. Shutting down businesses is hurting struggling communities, which is a problem for ALL citizens. He targets small business owners, not large corporations that can quickly and easily afford the improvements. But now there is hope against this kind of abuse. The California Senate recently unanimously passed a bill that begins to address predatory lawsuits filed in California under the federal Americans With Disabilities Act.
Tennessy Smith June 03, 2012 at 05:19 AM
I'm sure with the new bill passing its still going to entitle a person in a wheel chair to be aloud to use the public restroom that the business offer. Big time businesses don't go through this because the comply to the ADA laws, there not stupid. They don't have to shut down all they had to do was make a bigger stall for a wheel chair to fit. Duh!!! If these small businesses can't afford to comply with all the laws then they don't need to be open. I've been to the rink and there making money, with the expensive roller derby tournaments. If I was in a wheel chair and I had to use a public restroom I would expect to be able to use it. What am I suppose to do, hold it until I leave, I don't think so. I paid my money just like everyone else I want to be allowed to use the facilities afford to me. When they did the renovations they should have made at least 1 bathroom big enough for the disabled. Now they have a law suit going. I would sue them too. Maybe now they'll fix it or learn.
Bridget Stewart June 03, 2012 at 06:38 AM
Bottom line, THE BUILDING IS NOT UP TO CODE! You are crying about a skating rink that was previously shut down before for various reasons. Were "YOU" there protesting for it then? I don't think half of" YOU" were. The man is "DISABLED" and couldn't get into the restroom to do anything "HE" needed to do. "HE" can't help it if he is "DISABLED" and "OUR" way of life is hard for him to function in. It is not his fault that buildings are not built for EASY ACCESS. If that is an ADA violation, that only goes back to the buildings owners for not using their brains to fix it up accomidating all person's, so that this incident would not occur. I mean how hard is it to do that? Most buildings now a days are built with access for the disabled. It is not his fault that he is diabled and can't get around like we can. YOU are crying and complaining too much over this article. YOU act as if HE is the only one doing it. Businesses shut down everyday. They all shut down for all reasons. How is this one any different? Is it because he is disabled? I don't see you trying to save all the childcare businesses that are shutting down because of funding. Move on. If you want to see more activity in your community, rise up and start making a change. Disbaled people of all kinds have rights just like us. Get a clue and stop pointing fingers if you can't fix any of the other issues Rancho, Rosemont or Sac has!
Bridget Stewart June 03, 2012 at 06:40 AM
TR, why dont you build the ramps and widen the tight spaces so, that his wheelchair is more accessible.
Eva C June 04, 2012 at 08:30 PM
This guy is known around the area for doing this to all sorts of businesses. I agree that business should be compliant but for some guy to go around looking for trouble, which he does is not right. He is only benefiting himself because next you know the business will close and will do no service to anyone in the area. These lawsuits need to be stopped.
Ikaika Reyes June 05, 2012 at 12:38 AM
I remember the Squeeze Inn on Fruitridge. I also remember how Singleton got a disabled person to say they couldn't gain access to the bathrooms. I also remember a blind person that ate there. I also remember that the person named in the suit NEVER ATE THERE EVER. I also remember Singleton help sue a gym there in Rancho - they had a birthday party but the person couldn't get into the elevator, so everyone opted to move the party to the first floor to accomodate him. You see it open in Rancho? I'm never against the ADA, but still, it's the responsibility of the city/county to let a new business know whether their building is up to code or not for complete access. If they aren't up to code after their business opens, then they should be notified at least in writing. Business owners don't even get that. And the way Singleton is doing it is PREDATORY. It's the equivalent of the ambulance chaser.
James T. June 06, 2012 at 09:59 PM
This ambulance chaser did not NEED to use the bathroom or want to BUY anything from the snackbar. He didn't come to the facility to skate OR celebrate. He came there to document he was there and get rich. The staff in the skating rink would have been more than happy to go out of their way to help this man if he ASKED or NEEDED assistance. However, since he was only there to establish a lawsuit, no assistance was requested or denied because that was not the point of the visit. It's called GREED people. I am not fooled by it and neither is anyone else with half a brain.
Tennessy Smith June 07, 2012 at 06:24 AM
James T. it states that Mr. Moore was there for a birthday party not just someone driving around looking for places to sue. And if he was there for the whole session which is about 3hrs why should he not be able to use the bathroom? Should he leave and go home? I've been to The Rink just recently and it didn't look like they were doing any kind of renovations. And if Mr. Moore went there in February there should be some kind of chances going on. Those owners are full of lies, talking about they were in the process of making chances. Well they said they received the "friendly" letter which was probably in February after he first went there for a party. When I took my kids to the Rink a few weeks ago I didn't see nothing going on. There just full of lies.
George Martin June 07, 2012 at 07:55 AM
Does someone track the complainers to see if they ever patronize the businesses after they comply? Perhaps that should be published periodically.
James T. June 07, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Tennessy- did Mr. Moore ask for assistance? Was he denied assistance? Has he been back to patronize this business after going potty at home because he loves the Rink so much? If you owned a business and had to deal with one of these frivolous lawsuits you would know that you wait until the lawsuit is filed before you complete your renovations. This is a bit above your pay grade but the reason is so you know EXACTLY what needs to be done to protect you from further lawsuits. When Jason Singleton sends you a "friendly letter" you have to stop funding RENOVATIONS and start funding LAWYERS. Then you do what the lawyers tell you until you get to see a judge. OTHERWISE after you spend $10k plus in ADA compliance, Singleton goes in and says your doorway is 1/16 of an inch out of spec and you have to close down anyway. Is this too difficult to understand?
Joe Black June 07, 2012 at 11:39 PM
@ James T you sound so foolish! First off why would someone have to ask a business to please help put me on the toliet to go to bathroom. Im sure you would ask for someone to help you on and off the toliet. Second off why would a business wait to get sued to fix issues, they have specialist that surveys places for ADA compliance so they would not have to be sued. So they should have did research in this matter. Shame on them for being cheap!!
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