Patch Answers: Who Cleans up Graffiti in Rosemont?

Rosemont Community Association steps in to combat blight.

Graffiti seems to be a constant irritation along , and Rosemont neighbors who are tired of seeing the tags are volunteering to help in clean-up efforts.

Pictures of graffiti tags near the old were posted to a neighborhood watch Facebook page on Aug. 31. Just a week prior, Rosemont Patch received an email from Jeff Towers, a concerned resident enrolled in the Sacramento Police Academy and hoping to graduate this fall. Towers said he wanted to be part of the group contacted "when something needs to be cleaned up so I can offer my assistance."

"With the help of the community and others stepping in the fill the void due to loss of officers recently, I believe things can be cleaned up and the unwanted parties can be driven out," Towers said in an email.

Dan Regan, a spokesman for the , said the county only handles graffiti for public structures, like buildings and bridges. Cover-up for spray paint in residential areas has to be done by someone else, he said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department doesn't have any resources committed solely to graffiti abatement in Rosemont, according to spokesman Dep. Jason Ramos. In an email, Ramos said he spoke with a patrol division commander who said the practice of enlisting volunteers to assist with clean-up efforts in the past has been discouraged, and with good reason.

"A lot of graffiti is gang-related. Potentially, a civilian who is observed washing/cleaning/covering up some graffiti of this nature puts him/herself at risk if this effort is observed by a member of the gang who did the graffiti. To cover up or cross out or eliminate graffiti is often viewed as a sign of extreme disrespect, and could be a catalyst to that person being victimized," Ramos said in an email.

Meanwhile, , vice president of the Rosemont Community Association, said the group met Thursday and discussed forming a crew for graffiti clean-up efforts. Plans are still in the works.


If you're interested in joining the graffiti abatement team, please email info@rosemontca.org.

To report graffiti on public property, contact the Sacramento County Department of Transportation at 916-875-5171 or submit a request online.


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