Local Man Crashes at Daytona, Fans Injured

Kyle Larson, who competed in Rosemont, walked away unscathed Saturday when his car spun out in a crash on the Daytona track and flew through a fence, splitting apart and sending debris into the stands.

NASCAR racer Kyle Larson, who has competed in Rosemont, walked away unscathed in a crash that split his car in two, sending debris and parts flying into the stands at the DRIVE4COPD Daytona 300 Saturday.

The crash in Daytona Fla., injured as many as 17 people, one of them critically, according to broadcast news reports.

One racer was taken to an area hospital with complaints of pain, CNN reported.

Video posted on Youtube.com shows Larson's car -- the front sheared off -- getting out of his car.

According to published reports, Larson is the first Japanese American racer to reach this elite level of motorsports.

He has competed at RPM Racing (now called K1 Speed), a go-kart track in Rosemont, according to reports.


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