Hey Rosemont, What Issues Do You Want to Talk About in 2013?

Tell us what you want us to cover in the comments below, and share this story with your friends and family in town.

Now that the holidays are behind us, we want to take a moment to look forward at 2013 to see what local issues we should be covering.

Us editors took a bit of time off during the holidays to relax with family and recharge our batteries, but now we’re back, and we really want you to guide our coverage going forward.

So Rosemont, what should we be covering in 2013? Whether it’s a simple news tip or a broad issue or subject, please tell us what you want to discuss in the months that lie ahead.

The three of us (Justin, Cody and Josh) are here to converse with you in the comments below this article.  

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Justin Cox January 03, 2013 at 01:11 AM
We don't have the ability to cover everything in town, so we want your help in allocating our energy toward things you want to read about. Feel free to tell us why your suggested issue is important.
ms. red cat January 03, 2013 at 05:16 PM
Please help de-ghettoize Rosemont (thumping music coming from cars and houses, graffiti, gang activity, etc.). There are some really nice people here and the area has promise, except for the activities I mentioned.
Tina Wong January 03, 2013 at 09:44 PM
Followup on the Jessica murder. Why hasn't this been solved and can we get FBI or some other agencies to come in. Back ground stories on the owners of Rosemont Plaza. These are outright slumlords. They do not care about the neighborhood; this is an example of capitalism gone wrong. They must be getting some benefit from letting this plaza deteriorate (i.e. some kind of write off). I'd like to see some contributions from students i.e. Rosemont High telling us what is going on with their clubs and social activities. Same with high school/ elementary. More on senior events i.e. activities from Cordova Senior Center (I can write one about the Tai Chi class there--very good instructor and friendly students.) Thank you Patch for being here.
Brad January 05, 2013 at 04:03 AM
I'd like to know what the County, and for its part Rancho City, intend to do (if anything) about the areas along Folsom, Bradshaw, and Light Rail. These are the source of a tremendous amount of our problems. There is reconstruction planned, and aesthetic improvements might help, but some of these areas have significant criminal elements that have now spread deep into not only Rosemont, but also La Riv and Butterfield. In particular the motels either need to go or be held accountable and make real and lasting changes. The methamphetamine from Rancho has made it's way to our borders (and inside) and the gangs from the east are infesting the Norcade area - which also needs to go, and rezoned to commercial or at least less density. I believe it's time we make some radical and significant changes if we wish to save all of the communities around here and that is a county responsibility. These specific areas have been neglected for too long. I would also like to know if CRPD intends to make any modifications to the parks considering it has been almost a full year since Jessica was murdered and not only has there not been an arrest, but personally I have seen not a single change made as a result - other than more neighbor awareness of the problem, which really has nothing to do with the agencies responsible for those areas. The negative image (whether real or imagined) about our schools is deeply troubling too, and it does impact all of us. School safety is important too.


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